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At 6:42pm on December 23, 2018, ray mcleod said…

Welcome Owen, thanks for joining, wish I could organise some power for ya, maybe one of the other members could, although their pretty much a silent majority...hey

At 7:38pm on December 26, 2018, ray mcleod said…

hah now I understand needing power, what did you run outta fuel, normally Nortons pretty reliable, tho few of my mates round this way have recently had trouble with Tri Spark Ignitions

At 9:05am on December 27, 2018, Owen Greenfield, NEEDING POWER? said…

Hi Ray.

The profile photo is a road in Big Basin National park, south of San Francisco. I rode that bike ('70/'71 Commando) for a few days in the region before riding it from San Jose CA, through OR to the INOA 2018 rally at Elma WAstate. All up 4,000 km (2,500 miles) in just over 2 weeks. 

The temperatures in CA & OR during the trip were 40°+C and fires destroyed some towns along Interstate 5 (Redding CA burned up a few days after I arrive back in Adelaide). 

The rally was great: my tech. talk session was well received and more orders generated through INOA member word-of-mouth since then.

I use Trispark units on my Commandos. Riding the 850 home from 2018 Phillip Island Classic racing was in 40°+C temperature (the sportsground's outside thermometer at Horsham showed 46°C).

The bike cruised at 100 --> 110 kph all day, once we got off the Queenscliff ferry except for the road blockages in Geelong due to a pushbike race... keeping airflow to the engine was a real challenge (hadn't yet fitted the oil cooler to that bike).



Attached photo

Mount Shasta CA viewed from Oregon.

More detail can be found at:

At 9:10am on December 27, 2018, Owen Greenfield, NEEDING POWER? said…

At 9:14am on December 27, 2018, Owen Greenfield, NEEDING POWER? said…

At 7:10pm on December 28, 2018, ray mcleod said…

good posts Owen, I enjoy, back in '91 I spent 3 1/2 months in the states, saw about 30 states, many I would love to go back, some not so. was disappointed then of hardly seeing any bikes on the roads but think different now. Think you know your way around Commandos see your comments other sites, keep it up

At 7:15pm on December 28, 2018, ray mcleod said…

not sure bout Tri Spark ignitions, been round long time why suddenly all the probs? had my Boyer over 30 years if I did upgrade would be Pazon. What's your thoughts ?

At 11:10am on May 3, 2020, ray mcleod said…

hi Owen, sorry about the pollard rubbish, he's not a facebook friend and i suspended him from Bike Network Oz when he first contacted you, He can't post on web site and message sent to you i put in spam on Bike facebook, so hopefully if he sends you more will go straight to spam...Sorry you had to put up with it...Ray

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